DERMYN® is a unique range of skincare products for happy, healthy, youthful skin – developed, manufactured and packaged to the highest standards in Habo, Sweden.

DERMYN® was originally developed by a research team at an innovative Swedish research and development company working on dermal fillers. Face-lifting products and anti-wrinkle creams often contain strong chemical agents and therefore can only be used at long intervals. The cutting edge research team wanted to find a natural product that could be safely used every day. By doing this, they wanted to develop a treatment that could be used to increase the effect of other fillers – or even used on its own as an alternative, natural facelift.

Dermatologists, also known for their participation in the development of well-known Swedish brand Jabushe, worked on the initial formulation. They discovered Tricutan® – a combination of three natural plant extracts with a long-term facelifting effect, which can be combined with DMEA to provide an immediate facelift.

The advantage of Tricutan® Complex is that it stimulates muscle tone to provide a lively, healthy-looking face rather than the stiff, expressionless result of many other facelifting treatments.

The effects of Tricutan® Complex were documented in clinical studies at Karolinska Institutet, one of the leading medical research institutions in the world, which awards the Nobel Prize in medicine, as well as Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. Tricutan® is protected by patents in Sweden and around the world.

Dermyn Active Serum has a great face-lifting effect. Active serum’s uniqueness is that this mark initiates “three layers of subcutaneous prostheses” (epidermis, dermis, muscle repaired step by step). By three Clinical Research Studies Dermyn has shown the face-lifting effect and a visible improvement of firmness and elasticity of the skin. I’m very honored to witness Dermyn’s whole progress for its research and development, and I am deeply admirable with Dermyn’s innovation and quality.
Prof. Jan Faergemann Dermatologist with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden